NDP Surrey BC MLA Rachna Singh gets booted out of Hindu Temple by devotees !!

Devotees of popular Hindu temple in Surrey “Laxmi Narayan Mandir” Kick out NDP MLA Rachna Singh after she abused Hindus right from the temple that they are rapist and also calling the largest democracy in the world “India” as blood thirsty after the terrorist attack by the neighbouring Pakistan a while back. Devotees say, this was never new for her or for her party, as always they go extra mile to impress Khalistan Separatist and Jihadi groups.

As the federal election nears, now she again knocks the doors of the Hindu temples begging to take some pictures to get the Hindu Votes. But the devotees who were mentally wounded by MLA Rachna Singh’s uncivilized action to impress terrorist organizations, ban her permanently from entering Hindu temple and refuse to invite her to India day celebration even after her multiple requests to attend the event.

Do these Terrorist sympathisers deserve our votes?  Will Patriotic Canadians vote for these Terrorist Sympathisers? Will You Say, You Are Fired ?? Comment.. React.. share and expose..


Author: Narasimha on