Our Kuladevatha is Shankara Narayanar. His temple is located in a small town called Shankaran Kovil in Thirunelveli district, Tamil Nadu.
From the name itself we can make out that the main deity of the temple is half Siva and half Narayana. This temple is a union of Vaishnavism and Shaivism. This temple has 3 main sanctorum unlike other temples. One for Shankara Narayanar, Shankara Nayanar (Lord Shiva) and Gomathi Amman (Goddess Parvati).


Sankarankovil has its own interesting story. Once the devotees of Lord Hari (or Vishnu) and Lord Shiva quarreled with each other to determine whose god is powerful. Then Lord Shiva appeared as Sankaranarayanar to mark his devotees to understand that both Hari and Shiva are one and the same. So it is held sacred by Saivites and those Hindus who believe that Siva and Vishnu are a single deity one in one and accordingly, desire to worship the two gods into one form. This Temple depicts the concept of Hari and Haran being one God.

It was built by Ukkira Pandiyan AC 900.It houses the deity by the name Sankara Narayanan, which is half Lord Shiva and the other half Lord Vishnu.


Lot of festivals are taking place in the temple. During the tamil month of Aadi (July 15 to August 15), Aadi Thavasu is celebrated for 10 days.
From Chennai, we can reqch Thirunelveli by bus or train. From there one can reach the town through bus, taxi, etc.
A must visit town.



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