Make a resolution to educate a village with Ekal Vidyalaya today

Sri Suresh Iyer of Ekal Vidyalaya Foundation USA explains in this video interview in Chat on Bharat Marg episode in Bharat marg, how you can donate time and money and take part in this noble cause with Ekal Vidyalaya and help people at the level they want and serve the community and educate the villages of Bharat 😍🙏 Change the future of the country one village at a time.

Also Sri Suresh Iyer explains the tax benefits one can avail by living in North America and helping to educate Villages of Bharat along with Ekal Vidyalaya along with the incredible satisfaction you get.  Make a resolve to educate a village with Ekal Vidyalaya today. Jai Sia Ram !! Bharat Mata Ki Jai !!

Author: Sounder Dilipan on

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