Madhurai Meenakshi temple Fire Accident? Really? – Inside Story

Madhurai Meenakshi temple forms the heart and lifeline of at least 2500 year old city of Madurai. The annual 10 day Meenakshi Tirukalyanam festival celebrated during April–May and it attracts more than a million visitors. The temple which has five entrances that covers an area 847 feet (254.1 meters) long and 792 feet (237.6 meters) wide in the North South direction. The temple has four Rajagopurams, there are five towers on top of the sanctum sanctorum of the Lord, three on top of the sanctum sanctorum of the Goddess and two golden towers, which have been exquisitely designed and sculptured.

The eight forms of Goddess Sakthi who is the consort of Lord Shiva, Karumari, Rowthiri, Vaishnavi, Mahalakshmi, Yangnarubini, Shyamala, Maheswari and Manonmani have been sculptured into the pillars of the mandapam individually. There are also drawings depicting the life of Meenakshi Amman on the roof of the mandapam. The drawings depicting incidents of Thiruvilayadal or miraculous dramas of Lord Shiva. There are also paintings depicting the 64 miracles of Lord Shiva, all which were enacted in Madurai. These aesthetic drawings can be seen on the northern wall facing the Potramarai Kulam (the temple tank). This is considered as one of the most important temple for Hindus and pilgrims come to this South Indian temple from all over the world.

On Friday along the East Tower side of this Temple, there was a major fire accident. Even though the cause of the fire is yet to be ascertained, though sources said that it could be due to a short circuit. But the reality could be sad and follows a pattern of carelessness, corruption and conspiracy. Many shops were gutted in a ‘major’ fire which broke out. Sources said that shops selling puja items and cosmetics were gutted. “Power supply to the area was immediately cut. Ancient sculptures on walls near the Aayaram Kaal Mandapam were also damaged and doves inside the east gopuram too died,” the source added.

Our Sources also claimed, the previous week one more fire accident happened in same Temple’s Holy kitchen area (Madappali). Lets go through, why the Hindu temples are going through this kind of so called accidents. Even though it’s not being confirmed, Our sources told there could be a serious structural damage and damage to sculpture and fine arts and architecture.

In fact Hindu organizations staged a demonstration against the State government of Tamil Nadu and its  Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments Department (HR&CE) in particular here on Sunday, stating that  their inefficiency and ignorance and corruption led to the fire at Meenakshi Sundareswarar Temple on Friday night and  when  asked “What is the reason for the fire?”And they demanded closed circuit television (CCTV) footage of the incident to be available for public view.

 HR&CE is Tamil Nadu Government organization is only interested in making money by allowing shops against all safety norms for the sake of generating revenue for themselves and for the government.  What products were these shops carrying?  Who are the owners of these shops? How many of these shops inside the temple premises are owned by non Hindus?  Why not post the Shop details in public domain? How so many shops are allowed inside the temple premises? Are these Shops are being leased without compromising safety and Santana Dharma values?  Are these shop owners allowed to even bring meat/Beef inside the temple premises and eat with no checking, challenging the values of Santana Dharma? The products carried and sold by these shops were following the Dharmic and safety values?

The HR&CE department was using temples as ‘property & Cash Cow ’ It had been minting a lot of money by rent from shops, he said and added that devotees should not be charged for special darshans.

HR&CE also tortures lot of devotes by putting unwanted fee to have dharshan to even worship God, Which is against the Santana Dharma values and this need to be stopped by freeing the Hindu temples from these selfish vultures from the ministry of HR&CE in Tamil Nadu which put Dhramic values and safety measures at risk. Hindu Temples and its values and safety are being auctioned for the highest bidder.

HR&CE of Tamil Nadu is only interested in only Hundi Money and causing major discomfort to Devotes and temples and putting all at risk.  Who gave them the right to collect ticket money from devotes dividing the rich and poor for the sake of filling their own pockets.  If we need to protect our Dharma and temples then HRCE shall be eradicated and handed over the Hindu Groups who are devoted and respect the temple and Santana Dharma like all other religious worship places.

Many large temples maintain a fleet of luxury vehicles, typically ‘fully loaded Toyota Innova’, for the use of VIPs! And for the use of assorted Joint and Additional Commissioners, Commissioner.All from Hundi money & Dharshan money taxed from Hindu Devotees. It is very difficult to understand the religious purpose such extravagance serves or even a ‘secular’ purpose! The HR & CE takes away annually around Rs.89 crore from the temples as an administrative fee officially other than the illegal loots being made.  Can this be tolerated anymore?

Why is this Second class treatment only for Hindus? No Mosques or churches are in Govt control. No other religious worship places are looted by Govt.  No other community has to pay fee to have Dharshan of their God.   Why Hindus are treated as second class citizens in their own land and also legally how come in Tamil Nadu.

One woman was recently killed and two others were injured when a portion of the ceiling of ‘Girivala Praharam’ on the northeastern side of very famous Subramania Swamy Temple in Tiruchendur collapsed. Where is this all going?

In fact, what is scandalous is the corruption after taking over of temples by Tamil Nadu officials, MLAs and Ministers by looting the temple wealth, lands, and jewels, and the reckless diversion of donations of devotees to non-religious purposes. Government and its ministers loot Hindu worship places and not follow the Dharma and norms and put the devotees and our worship places at risk? We demand for NIA probe in Menakshi Amman Temple Fire and other Hindu temples in Tamil Nadu and dig out the conspiracy against the Hindu Temples. As this could be a plot.

Are you ready to raise the voice or you will still sit inside the home just as a mute spectator, allowing these rats continue to loot & destroying Dharma?  Are you ready to join hands and work for freeing our temples? Are you upset our Temple Hundi money is being used for Minister’s own luxury and for minority appeasement? Will you join us in educating our devote families not to drop donations in Hundis in the temple run by this Corrupt ministries? Will you work as a vigilant Hindu who will take picture & send, if you see any illegal activity and violation of norms by shops and its sellers? Lets comment your opinion and feedback here..

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