Know all about Carabram..Punjab – Elam Pavilion controversies & More

Chat On Bharat Marg with Ms.Angela Johnson President of Carabram

This is a must watch.. Tell all video interview with Ms. Angela Johnson President of Carabram. she answers how long she has been in the board and president of Carabram and how come Carassauga that was started after Carabram is so big and exciting and what is lacking in Carabram and why.
Does Carabram needs new energy and out of box thinking in the board to make it big and exciting ?
Can they reduce the ticket cost or make it Free for more people to come and see.
Is Carabram really a cultural organization or there to encourage the separatist elements for political benefits?
Is Punjab and Elam Pavilion justifiable? Whats the logic?
Can any new person become the part of the board, if so how and more tough questions.
Ms.Angela Johnson also has a message in this interview to Brampton Mayor Mr. Patrick Brown
Click and watch the video comment and share your input.

Author: Sounder Dilipan on