Interview with Stephen J Garvey – The Man who Challenged Gurratan Singh MP

Interview with Stephen J Garvey of National Citizens Alliance, Who challenged Gurratan Singh #NDP MP and brother of NDP leader Jagmeet Singh. His Video at Muslim fest just went viral where he challenged NDP MP Gurratan Singh on his support to Sharia Law and also questioned him, what Kashmir has to do with Canadian politics and why he is bring it here to spread hate.

Soon the Main stream liberal media started attacking Stephen J Garvey, saying he is a racist, he an anti-immigrant, he a white supremacist and more. Is he really? who is he? Get to know all about what happened in the Muslim fest and why he was so much upset with NDP MP Gurratan Singh right from him.

I don’t support NDP Gurratan Singh and his brother Jagmeet Singh’s stand to bring un vetted refugees inside the country and also NDP or these guys have no need to bring Kashmir issue to Canada and spread hate here to do politics says Stephen J Garvey of National Citizens Alliance.

#Onpoli #Brampoli #CanPoli #Mississauga #Mispoli Do you agree with him or not? Do you also think NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh and his brother are spreading hate and poking nose into another country without focusing on Canadian affairs? Hear him out ..Comment .. React.. and share now !!

Author: Sounder Dilipan on