I Learend from Kumbh Mela about how to run our Nirmal Vari & Haridh Vari

Bhaktha Thukaram’s Vanshdhar Sri Shivaji Rao Morae talks about the inspirations he is taking back from Prayagraj Kumbh Mela to Pandarpur Maharashtra to Bhaktha Thukaram Vari, Gyaneshwar Vari and more..
Sri Shivahi Rao explains.. how the Nirmal he saw during Kumbh Mela will affect the vari where in total 10 to 20 lack people walk for long way every year in a positive way.

Also he talks about Haridh vari.. Check this incredible video interview.. and we all can learn how we can implement Nimal and Hari in our religious processions and gatherings in our local places and make our Dharmic Sangatan as one of the outstanding example for all. Lets join hands .. in making the land of Sanatan Dharma a Nirmal and Hari Bharat !! Jai Sia Ram !! Jai Bhavani !!

Author: Sounder Dilipan on