Guru Gobind Singh’s Zafarnama – A Seed for freedom movement

In this Chat on Bharat Marg program, we are talking to Harpal Singh sevak along with his brother Rachhpal Singh sevak has served as hazuri sevak (personal attendant) of His Holiness Satguru Jagjit Singh ji for 24 years .Satguru Jagjit Singh ji was spiritual head of Namdhari Sikhs(1959–2012) and now he is living with Satguru Uday Singh ji (present head of Namdhari Sikh community) Namdhari headquarter at Bhaini Sahib, in Ludhiana district in the Punjab.  This is exactly why he got the last name as Sevak. Because he is living with Sathguru, he is certainly an authority in talking about the culture, Dharma and Dharmic way, history and traditions.

Sri Hardayal Kalla lives in GTA area and lives in Canada for last 19 years after moving from Kenya and has been a Namdhari Sikh from birth. Hardyal Singh’s grandfather became Namdhari Sikh…..this happened after Satguru Partap Singh ji visited their home in kenya after his marriage.  Leaving meat eating habit and alcohol etc and became a true Sikh.

Like any true Sikh, Hardayal ji know for serving his community and others in this area. His life has been following Gurunanak ji’s true teachings of live a honest living and service one and all selflessly. In this episode they discuss about Zafarnama, one of the master piece written by Guru Gobind Singh Ji. You have to watch this video to exactly know why Guru Ji wrote Zafarnama to Mughal king Aurangzeb who was terrorizing all to convert to Islam.  Guru Ji says, I won and you lost. This letter is written after his family and followers were masacared for not converting to Islam .

After him Guru Ram Singh Ji took this Zafarana as a seed and started the freedom movement as never the history has seen ever before. Check it out this must watch video.. Share and comment.

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