Game plan to change the Demography of Western world & other non Islamic countries by 2050

Canada, India along with entire Western nation is the target as the Europe is already converted and made more sharia complaint. This video explains the clear game plan on how #PeaceFools are planing to accomplish this.

Self proclaimed Secular Liberals will never agree but walk into the trap along with all other blind followers. 3 types Jihadi attack will be lead the on infidels (As per #PeaceFools).
1. Religious Jihad
2. Population Jihad
3. Intellectual Jihad

Will Canada, India and other countries that believe in democratic values will be destroyed and changed by 2050? Click and check out this video to know how they plan to win the world by 2050 with no war from any border. Get to know the changing face of Terrorism !! Do you still believe our kids and their kids will have the freedom to practice our belief? Are the self serving politicians selling the country for conversion for votes? Check out the video and Comment.. Share the video with one and all to expose the exact game plan of conversion..

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