Chanting of Aditya Hrudayam with lyrics and English meaning – Vaishnavi Dilipan

During Ramayana war, When Bhagwan Ram was in final stretch of Dharma Yudh against the demon king Ravana.. to save Sita Mata and punish him for all his ill deeds.. Lots of uncertainty were there even for God at that time ..

In time like that Agasthiya Maha muni appears there and teaches this Aditya Hrudayam to Bhagawan Ram, for him to get clarity of thinking, focus and courage to finish the task. This is an incredible Sloka and a prayer for Sun God. On chanting this on The final day, Bhagwan Ram was able to accomplish all his Dharmic desires.

We have told the story about this Sloka and meaning after which Vaishnavi sings Aditya Hrudayam in her beautiful voice !! On hearing this and saying this as a part of the prayer to Sun God, all good things will happen in your life and your loved ones.. Check out the video and be blessed.. and share the blessings with all !! More importantly show and share this video along with the story to young ones and teen kids !!

Comment below your experience and also any questions you have !! Jai Sia Ram !!

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