Brampton Hindu Sabha Temple dragged the community and devotees down? We deserve answer !!

Brampton Hindu Sabha temple’s president Praveen Sharma was convicted for Sexual assault for 2.5 years and additional 6 months that he will go through tougher in the same time. This has been a big issue and talking point for many including the vested interests. Let’s go through in detail on Hindu Sabha temple and separate the facts from the fiction and leave things to the readers to decide.. But will certainly expect the Hindu Shaba Temple and its committee to answer some questions without running away.

When I came to Canada the first temple we visited was the beautiful Hindu Sabha Temple and any kind of embarrassment to the temple is not only an embarrassment to the temple, city, committee but also for the 1000s of devotees who come with their family there to worship.. So keeping that in focus.. Let’s go through the facts and fiction and questions.

It was very surprising.. that many committee members of Hindu Sabha Temple when we confronted with some intriguing questions… ran away saying we cannot talk for next week and we will as a committee release a press release soon kind of excuses.  One thing they were kept repeating was. We cannot control what committee members do in their home and this is an issue between the landlord and the tenant. Landlord Praveen Sharma (The convict and president of the Hindu Sabha Temple committee) raped/sexually assaulted the girl who was renting portion of his home when his wife left to India on a travel.  So this has nothing to do with the temple.  This portion is fine. We understand this crime was done by a person in individual capacity outside of the temple from his home. Now let’s come to our questions.

  • As a rape accused Praveen Sharma was going through this case for years and still enjoyed to be the president of the temple. Was that a right thing? Does this temple and committee have any standard?

  • Temple committee can put forward a lame excuse saying, yes Praveen Sharma was a rape accused but still he is not guilty until proven so. Even in that case, how come his name is still in the office today as president of the temple? (Picture attached) Do we become such shameless creatures?

  • Praveen Sharma’s whole legal fee on this rape case was paid from Hindu Sabha Temple Hundi (Donation Box). If now committee says, it was personal issue between the landlord and tenant… why the donation box money was allowed to use for legal fees of Rape convict Praveen Sharma?

  • As a not for profit organization, why Hindu Sabha temple never publishes or displays its income and expense statement to its devotees and community? Are you scared of any misuse of the funds and don’t want that to get exposed?

  • Already there are complaints from the devotees that the groceries, milk and other perishables being donated to the Hindu Sabha Temple are being sold to the Pakistani Grosser for in half price for keeping it hash.. hash.. and this money is being used to enrich the lifestyle of the committee members?  If you think this allegation is wrong why not you release a white paper on the donations being collected and how it is being used?

  • Why there is no election for committee ever happen here? Are these committee members and president are permanently appointed.. as in the case of Praveen Sharma continued as a president of Hindu Temple as a person and then as a rape accused for years and now also as a president of the temple as a convicted Sexual assault criminal from jail.

Hindu Sabha Temple committee can contact Bharat Marg any time to answer these questions or give clarification to us. Never forget.. No one including the temples and the committee members have right to drag down and embarrass the peace loving Hindu community..

Praveen Sharma certainly has done premeditated sexual assault on the girl who considered him as a fatherly figure and a leader of the respectable temple to pour her heart and was taken advantaged and raped at his home where she was living as a tenant. But there was certainly some gray area as there was no major physical attack on the girl who was his daughter’s age and there was more than one time intercourse took place before the victim reached out to the police.

We cannot forget this man who had such a big political connections as a leader of one of the biggest and powerful temples in Brampton and in Ontario province took advantage of poor victims who saw this powerful man as a fatherly figure. Also Praveen Sharma brought his entire family including his wife, daughter, son- in- law and more shamelessly to prove that he is a family loving man and to get his sentence reduced. He also succeeded in this effort by just getting away with 2.5 years of jail time while he still continues to enjoy as a president of the Hindu Sabha Temple. During the court hearing, we were also told; Praveen Sharma’s Lawyer lied saying he has been suspended by the temple committee from the post of the president which is total nonsense.

Worst thing is some of the committee members were confronting the people saying why Praveen Sharma should be removed from being a president?  They even went to the level of asking if they got any proof that Praveen Sharma is jailed now.  When organizations of this magnitude does things like that.. brings shame to the entire community and city for sure.  What do you think of this Situation, do comment and share and if any questions need to ask to this temple organization on your behalf also do comment here?

PN:- Bharat Marg spoke to many past and present committee members and authorities of the Hindu Sabha Temple and we are not disclosing the names, honoring their request for anonymity. We want to thank each on them at this time for their time and input on this matter.

Author: Sounder Dilipan on