Attack on Santana Dharma by Christian family – Implementing Vatican agenda

First Christian Family with Hindu last name Gandhi is all determined to attack Santana Dharma and split Hindus in pieces for the sake of votes using their divide and rule policy. Yesterday With the God given right, In one of the handful of states ruled by the Gandhi family.. Karnataka the Congress Government Implementing the long time Vatican agenda called that 20 to 25 million Shiv Bhakth Lingayats (that 17 percent of the population) in the state are not Hindus.

As an appeasement to this community they will be made as minority religion status. In Bharat only the majority community is treated as second class and when some sect is declared as minority religion then they get huge incentive as a part of appeasement vote bank politics package making one by one sect to quit called as Hindu and thus destroying the core of Santana Dharma.
This is serious event that will create multi dimensional effect.

1. Divide Hindus and declare each clan as its own religion and hence kill the fabric of the nation to win elections.
2. Bring down the population of Hindus by 2 percent over night and showcasing their appeasement for minorities.
3. Promoting the agenda of Vatican as they did during the time of their ruling and divide and destroy Hindu Dharma.

What kind of politics is it? Tomorrow, if a Christian sect decides that it is not Christian. and petitions him, will Gandhi family say with as much ease they are to be treated as a sub-minority, or will run for Vatican approval?

Can these people do this to Christianity or Muslims? Can they brand one of their sub sect as Non Christian or Non Muslim? Even for the sake of votes? Then how come these enemies can easily attack our Dharma?This will spread now in other parts of India saying, Lord Shiva or Murugan devotees are not Hindus but of a religion of their own.

Even in the Congress Plenary Session, Gandhi Scion made out of Hindu Rituals and Hindu functions by saying a story of two pundits who don’t know anything when he enquired about some Hindu rituals. Question is why not talk about Muslim imam or Christian pastor? Why to poke fun only at the expense of the Hindus? Because we love non violence? And it’s more easy to divide and rule Hindus? Because attacking and dividing Hindus is the agenda of Vatican that is being implemented by this Gandhi family? This is going too far. Dividing Hindus and breaking up the Hindu religion is a new form of politics, then we are taking chances with the very fabric of this nation.

Good news now is, identifying our enemy is simpler now as they stand with Christian missionaries and Jihadi goons. Efforts are happening at every level to tear apart our Dharma, culture and nation. This is the time Hindu Activist groups have to come together and help educating the people that we are powerful when we stay together and get skinned and eaten away when we leave the bunch.

Because when each clan gets announced as a religion then it becomes easier for the Christian missionaries and other vested interest to convert Hindus to their belief. So we have to encourage as many people to follow their Dharma and also the importance of practicing it. Also, no matter what we shall stand united without falling prey for our enemies..

We as followers of Santana Dharma need to get connected to religious Gurus and activists.  Association of Religious experts and gurus and eminent well-wishers should work on educating and uniting our communities, so that these kind of political vultures don’t dare to divide us implementing their agenda from Vatican or Mecca. We got to recognize these vultures and put them in their place and teach them a lesson at the ballet box in democratic way so that these enemies of our Dharma can understand there is a bigger consequence for ridiculing and destroying our Dharma.

Now with Veer Shaivites / Lingayats being declared as non Hindus and religious minority in Karnataka by Gandhi run Government. Let’s teach a lesson right there by throwing out the rule of Gandhi family from the state as they deserve that as a minimum punishment. Let’s stay united and protect our Dharma. Never forget.. Dharma and Nation are our two eyes and those who poke it are criminals and they should be treated that way.

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3 thoughts on “Attack on Santana Dharma by Christian family – Implementing Vatican agenda”

  1. They can only divide when Hindus are not united. Let us start working out from the grass roots. Unless we give incentives the poor will not come back to sanatana dharma. For this we need the help of Hindu peetadhipathis and also from very rich temples. This I think is a way to bring them back to our fold.

    1. Yes Agree we should organize and work from grass root. Much of out temples properties are illegally occupied and operated by Christian missionaries with the help of corrupt politicians. Yearly 6000 Crore rent of temples are being illegally used for luxury and conversion and more… Our report on this will be coming shortly with explosive interviews..

  2. What are d lingatats or veershaivates people doing….leave alone their matathipathy (s)…who knows whether purchased?! Bring ANTI CONVERSION BILL N IMPLEMENT THREADBARE

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